Effects of physical activity in the psychological well-being of cancer survivors

Research has found that long hikes can sustainably improve the physical activity, psychological well-being, and quality of life of breast cancer survivors. The study, which was published in the Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy, looked at how a six-week long hike can improve the physical activity levels and mental health of breast cancer patients.

  • Researchers from the University Hospital of Cologne and German Sport University in Germany and Australian Catholic University in Australia aimed to enhance breast cancer survivors’ self-trust through a major challenge, which was hiking along the Way of St. James, one of the widely known long-distance trails in the world.
  • For the study, the research team recruited 45 breast cancer survivors who had finished their primary treatment.
  • The participants were divided into two groups: One group served as the control group who did not receive any intervention; while the other group received an eight-week training plan before hiking more than 840 km in six weeks.
  • The research team assessed the physical activity levels, quality of life, anxiety, and depression of the participants before the eight-week preparation period; right after the six-week hike; and one year after the six-week hike.
  • The results revealed that during the entire study period, breast cancer survivors who hiked experienced an increase in physical activity levels.
  • In addition, participants in the intervention group experienced significant improvements in quality of life, depression, and anxiety both during and after the hike.

In conclusion, long hikes can potentially enhance the physical activity, quality of life, and mental well-being of breast cancer survivors.

Read the full text of the study at this link[PDF].

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Journal Reference:
Baumann FT, Bieck O, Strunk M, Reimer N, Zopf EM, Bloch W, Han S. EFFECTS OF A 6-WEEK HIKE ON PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LEVELS, PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLBEING AND QUALITY OF LIFE IN BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS. Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy. 12 July 2018; 10(7): 156-161. DOI:10.4172/1948-5956.1000538

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