7 of the most common dreams and what your subconscious may be trying to tell you

There’s an ancient Jewish proverb that goes, ‘An unexamined dream is like an unopened letter.’ Dreams are our subconscious’ way of reaching out to us. It tells us what are hidden fears, aspirations, and needs are. It tells us the state of our mental health in much the same way that a green traffic light tells us it’s okay to drive down the road.

Dream expert Dr. Clare Johnson lists seven of the most common dreams and their meanings.

  1.  Teeth falling out — This dream is usually associated with insecurity, instability, life changes, and loss. It can also mean we can no longer conceal our feelings, no matter how hard we smile or pretend that all is well. So when you dream that your teeth are falling off, it’s about to ask yourself. Are you enjoying what you’re doing? Are you where you want to be? If not, it’s time to make a change.
  2.  Flying — This may have something to do with powerful sexual and creative energy. It’s associated with freedom and self-confidence. The question is, how are you flying? Are you flying smoothly, or struggling on air? If you’re soaring without a care in the world, congratulations! You’re in the best place you can be. But if you’re struggling, ask yourself: In what area of life am I sinking?
  3.  Running away — This is the stuff nightmares are made of. A bad guy is running after us. A monster is chasing us down a dark tunnel. A beast is trying to overtake us in the jungle. But our feet are rooted to the ground. Or they’re moving so slowly and they’re turning to jelly. For all the dreadful feelings they inspire, nightmares are gifts that force us to face subconscious fears. In a dream state as it is during wide-awake times, we have the power to confront the monster and give our dreams a happy ending. So ask yourself:  What am I running away from? What’s scaring me? How do I deal with my fear?
  4.  Buildings and vehicles — Dreams paint a picture of our health, or lack of it. Buildings and vehicles often represent the body. So dreaming of a gleaming car, a shiny and a state-of-the-art skyscraper could mean we’re in the pink of health. A run-down house, an old, neglected hangar and a battered car, on the other hand, can speak of poor health. Ever dreamed of driving a car with faulty brakes? Johnson says this could be a sign that you can’t slow down in your drive to work harder and do more. It could mean that it’s time to go slow and take a break. So help yourself. Try dreaming of the plush house you’ve long wanted to get, or driving the car you always wanted. You just might wake up with a smile on your face.
  5.  Partner cheating — This doesn’t literally mean your partner is unfaithful. It could mean you’re shortchanging yourself. Ask yourself in what way you feel cheated. If you think your dream is related to your partner, ask yourself if your significant other is letting you down. Are both of you happy, or do you need changes in your relationship? Relive your dream and imagine interviewing your unfaithful partner. Ask why he or she is misbehaving. This dream interview can reveal important insights.
  6. Spiders and other bugs — These creepy crawlies are common in dreams, and their meanings can be highly personal. A spider means one thing to an insect enthusiast, but another thing to someone who wants to avoid the creature. Those who dream of bugs must ask themselves what’s bugging them. Recall your feelings. Is the bug cute, or is it scary? Is it weaving a beautiful web or is it bothering you? If you’re stumped, try recalling the main dream image. Describe what it is — aloud, as if you’re talking to an alien from another planet. If you say something like, “It’s a nasty bug which I don’t want near me,” it could mean something is bothering you, and you want to avoid it. Could it be an unpleasant co-worker or a difficult neighbor?
  7.  Waves  The ocean usually represents unconscious processes. Dr. Johnson says she knows her life is about to change when she dreams of tidal waves. When you dream of huge, sparkling tidal waves from the ocean, find out if you’re scared, fascinated, excited or resigned. Are you standing on the shore as the wave approach, or are you watching from a safe place? Are you frantically running away from it, or admiring how the sun kisses the tips of the waves? Is the water inviting or revolting? Speaking of waves, Woman’s Day suggests recording the sound of ocean waves and playing softly as you sleep. You’ll wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed the next day.

Dreams show us clear images or our lives which we fail to see when awake. That’s why they’re keys that unlock a wealth of knowledge about ourselves, and what makes us happy. Interpreted well, they can point us the way to a fuller, more contented life.

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