Psychiatry: The Real Roots of Racism in America

The left insists our history of slavery is the reason that black people are unable to rise out of poverty and become productive members of society. Terms like “white privilege” dominate our educational institutions teaching whites are part of a racist system that unconsciously discriminates against blacks and other minorities. Backwards academic theories like Black Liberation Theology and Critical Race Theory justify the idea  that black people are entitled to special treatment like affirmative action. Black Liberation Theology is Marxist in origin and pushes the idea that white people care little for the humanity of blacks and that minorities have no institutional or political power in America because we believe that they are unable to integrate into our society. The problem is that all of this is true, America did discriminate against black people, and our history is one where blacks were considered inferior to white people; however, it’s the origins of this thinking that the left continually lies about. While they continue to push the idea that it was our founding fathers that sought to subjugate the black man, the truth is that the origins of racism stem from the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

Under Barack Obama, blacks are worse off economically then before he took office. This is because he continues to push the idea that blacks are entitled to what other people work for, and in a sick twisted kind of way, Obama is supporting the idea that blacks are not as capable as whites and that in order for them to be successful, they need government help. In other words, Obama is pushing the victimhood mindset. By justifying the type of violence we have seen in response to the Ferguson and Baltimore incidents, Obama is keeping racism alive by supporting the stereotypical view of blacks he claims all white people have.  Barack Obama is also a big supporter of abortion, which has its origins in the eugenics movement. Blacks and other minorities are by far the biggest recipients of abortions as Planned Parenthood clinics are found mostly in minority, or poor neighborhoods. In New York City more black babies are typically aborted than born alive. It is the opinion of this writer that the left is carrying on the eugenics movement and its chief goal is, as Margret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood once said, is the elimination of the unfit. Psychiatrists and psychologists have long believed that blacks and other minorities are unfit races.

Like the advocates of Birth Control, the eugenicists, for instance, are seeking to assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit. Margaret Sanger

The term eugenics was first used by an English psychiatrist named Francis Galton. The term itself comes from the Greek word eugenes meaning to come from better, or good stock. Galton believed that only the healthiest and attractive people should be able to breed in order to prevent those he considered to be unfit from infecting the gene pool. He considered black people to be inferior as he viewed them in their African homeland as lacking any independence and wanting to be ruled over, or enslaved. Galton was related to Charles Darwin, founder of the theory of evolution. Darwin shared the view that men were not created equal and that blacks were lower on the evolutionary scale than whites were. This makes sense because Darwin believed that men were no different than any other animal on Earth, so in his mind, blacks are a lower form of human evolution. Evolution, not creation is the accepted theory of mans origins which is taught in our schools. It is the left that controls our schools, not conservative Christians, so already we see that it is the left wing that supports the view that certain races are inferior. The teaching of white privileges supports this idea as well. Only an elite group of people who believe that one race is more dominant than another would come up with such a curriculum. The Democrat Party is working hard, through the teaching of white privilege and eugenics, to teach blacks that without government they would not succeed and would remain victims of the so called “white supremacists;” however, it is the welfare dependency and victimhood mentality that truly enslaves the modern black man.

The idea that blacks cannot be free and need government to survive comes from a man considered to be the father of modern psychiatry, Benjamin Rush.  Rush coined the term “negritude,” which he considered to be a disease black people suffered from similar to leprosy. Interestingly enough, according to the website blackmail4u Rush wrote that white people should not tyrannize over black people but because of negritude, blacks should receive double of what humanity has to offer. This seems to be the prevailing attitude as blacks are being taught they are entitled to reparations while being organized by the left to demand government fund their educations and a higher standard of living all around. In other words, the left is teaching black people to beg for servitude.

The term Drapetomania refers to a condition assigned to black slaves who attempted to escape the plantation. It was considered a mental illness for a black person to not accept servitude because of the wide spread belief pushed by the fields of psychiatry and psychology that blacks were inferior and unable to be free. Today there is prevailing belief among the black victomology crowd that any black person that has left the Democrat Party, and campaigns for Republican or conservative beliefs, has somehow left the plantation and is not authentically black. This stems from the belief that black people are inferior and seek a life of servitude because they are unable to adapt to modern western society. In the nineteenth century, according to author Robert Whittaker, slaves who desired to live as free independent men were viewed as being mentally insane; this was also true for freed slaves who moved to independent states where there was no slavery. According to an 1840 census, blacks were 11 times more likely to be considered insane than whites. This no doubt was driven by the belief in the term Drapetomania, and the idea that blacks prefer servitude. This belief has been carried into our modern era as the proportionality of blacks living on government dependency far outweighs that of white people. Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson created what is remembered as the “Great Society” which is the cause of so many black people being dependent on welfare. He created the dependency system purely for the purpose of perpetuating a permanent underclass of voters. It was the Great Society programs which broke up the black family and left government playing the role that the black father should have played. Before this time blacks predominately voted Republican and had stronger families than whites.  Lyndon Johnson will always be remembered, in this writer’s mind, as the president who said this when referring to his new “Great Society Program.”

“I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years” 

Because of psychiatry, eugenics and the theory of evolution, racism is still alive and well in America, it just isn’t coming from where the left would like you to believe. It is in fact, coming from the things they believe in.  Another area of psychiatry where this is self evident is the use of psychotropic drugs among our children.  According to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights black children are three times more likely to be labeled with learning disorders than white children. Could this be due to the belief established by evolutionists and psychiatrists? These learning disabilities, which are listed in the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) are used as justification for hooking our children on powerful, mind altering psychotropic medications, which in reality, do more harm than good. Our minority neighborhoods are left impoverished with people living generation to generation in poverty and dependent on government welfare.

Conservative America believes in the ideals which this nation was founded on. We believe that given freedom, and the right conditions which create opportunity, anybody can live up to their fullest potential and make a life for themselves. It is clearly the left, and their belief in eugenics, psychiatry, psychology and Darwinian evolution that have led to the belief that blacks and other minorities are not as capable as white people, and that government power will always be needed to create fairness in a world dominated by so called white supremacy.  They are also using psychological propaganda to anger their base by convincing them of such nonsense and encouraging them to organize for this government power, by doing this they are creating resentment amongst the rest of the population that could be viewed as racism. They are convincing them of their alleged inferiority by insisting they are owed a living by the white man because of the so called “privilege” of being white. Clearly it is the left that believes blacks are inferior to whites and to hide this truth they are using the media, education and every other institution under their control to push their racism onto America as a whole in an effort to aid in the fundamental transformation promised by Barrack Obama.

Source: Creating Racism: Psychiatry’s Betrayal. Citizens Commission on Human Rights

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